Master Shooting Footwork With This Game Speed Shooting Drill

By Jeff Huber

Should you use the hop or 1-2 footwork when you shoot? Coaches argue this question to death.

I would suggest they are missing the point.

It's not an either/or question. It should be both/and!

Think about it - if you were a carpenter, wouldn't you want a tool for every situation? Being able to use multiple types of shooting footwork gives you options for whatever situation you find yourself in.

To master your footwork, you must practice it!

Likewise, as your shooting improves, you'll want to move beyond catch and shoot. The ability to shoot off of screens will take your game to a whole new level.

This drill from Coach Paris Davis combines those two elements of elite shooting. Your footwork will improve. Your ability to shoot off the move will improve. And, an additional benefit is your conditioning will improve.

So what are you waiting for! WATCH the drill here and then get to work!

3 Game Like Shooting Drills - Shooting Off Cuts

Straight Cuts

Start in the corner with a basketball.

As you start to run up out of the corner towards the wing, toss the ball out to yourself with some backspin.

As you get ready to catch the ball, execute a quick hop, turning in the air, and landing on 2 feet. Shoot and then rebound your shot.

For all 3 drills you will rebound your own shot. This makes the drill a great conditioner as well!

Shoot 10 shots going from the right corner to right wing. Repeat on the left side.

Do an additional 10 shots from the right wing to the top of the key. Repeat on the left side for a total of 40 shots.

L Cut

Start in the corner with the ball. Jog to the block.

When you hit the block sprint straight up the lane line. This change of speeds is important. It will help you create separation from your defender.

As you come up the lane line, toss the ball out to yourself with backspin.

Catch the ball in the slot area. Perform a reverse pivot on your outside foot to square to the basket. Take 10 shots on the right side. Repeat on the left.

Flare Cut

Start at the top of the key with a ball. Run to the free throw line. This simulates setting up your defender before the screen.

When you hit the free throw line, push off your inside foot (left foot if going to the right wing).

You will shuffle or backpedal towards the wing. Toss the ball to yourself. Use the same quick hop footwork you used for the straight cuts.

Take 10 shots on the right wing. Repeat on the left side.

If you perform all 3 drills, you will have taken 80 game-like shots!

7 Elements Of Good Shooting

Coach Paris talks about 6 things to focus on during the drill:

  1. Knees bent: catch in an athletic stance.
  2. Feet shoulder width: this gives you proper balance to go up into your shot after catching the ball.
  3. Square your body before you shoot: you want to get your shot off quick. Being squared up early allows you to shoot the ball more quickly and accurately.
  4. Good footwork before the catch: some players hop or 1-2 after the catch. This is a travel. Make sure to execute your footwork while the ball is in the air.
  5. One motion shot: work to eliminate any hitch you might have in your shot.
  6. Hold your follow through: this is a great habit and one that confident and capable shooters have!
  7. Shoot the ball at the peak of your jump!

Become An Elite Shooter In Less Than 1 Month!

Becoming a great shooter is hard work! But it's worth it. There's not a lot that's more fun in basketball than feeling like every shot you take is going in.

To EARN that feeling, you have to put in the work. Check out Coach Paris 27 Shooting System to transform yourself into a knockdown shooter!

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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