Dribble Moves - Lay-Ups Drill

By Fabio Fogato

Drill Purpose

This is a good drill for practicing lay-ups both right and left handed, as the players alternate driving to the basket from the right and from the left. It also teaches players how to execute dribble moves in 1-on-1 situations.


  1. This drill requires two chairs and two cones. Set up the court as shown in the diagram to the right. Divide your team into two lines just out of bounds at half court. Every player will need a ball.

  2. The first players in each line (1 and 2) step in and start dribbling with the hand closest to the mid line. When they reach the cones, they will execute a dribble move (cross over, behind the back, etc.) and then change direction.

  3. Players 3 and 4 start dribbling following after 1 and 2.

  4. When players 1 and 2 are in front of the chairs, they execute another dribble move and drive for a lay up using the proper hand (left hand on left side & right hand on right side).

  5. 1 and 2 get their rebounds and sprint to half court, switching lines.

Continue the drill this way, with each player dribbling to the basket and getting reps from both the right and left sides.

Teaching Tips:

- While dribbling, keep the ball low and look forward

- Dribble straight towards the cones and the chairs (don't avoid them)

- Cut hard off the cones and chairs

- Change direction and pace quickly (chairs are fake defenders, you have to beat them!)

- Use your free arm and your body to protect the ball

- Drive to the basket and shoot with the proper hand


- You can practice any dribble moves you know: crossover, fake crossover, in and out, hesitation, behind the back, between the legs, double crossover, and more...

- You can shoot layups, reverse layups, power drives, jump shots, dunks...

- Replace the chairs with two assistant coaches (or players) as passive defenders.

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Mike says:
2/7/2015 at 5:17:40 PM

I believe a power drive is the same as a power layup - dribble up close to the basket, plant with two feet and bank the ball in the hoop.


Lalla says:
2/6/2015 at 9:37:54 AM

What's power drive
Good workout


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