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This is a simple and fun drill that can be used for defensive technique, speed, intensity and conditioning. It can be fun and even competitive.

Set up a number of cups on each side of the lane.

The player is in the middle of the lane.

On "Go," player executes defensive slides, sliding from side to side. As it goes, the player picks up the cups. During the drill, the player must stay down in defensive stance.

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You can add to the drill by:
  • Having the same player replace the cups while sliding.
  • Having another player replace the cups while sliding.
  • Record the time it takes to pick up the cup.
  • Set a time in which all the cups are picked up.

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Danny Miller (Coach Miller) says:
6/19/2012 at 11:01:50 AM

This is a great drill for teaching kids to stay low through their slides and a great exercise for lateral movement. I coach a 7th grade AAU team and high school freshman. I will use this drill with both groups. Thank you


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