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Multi-purpose drill that allows you to work with a team or a big group and keep things moving at a fast pace. It's really fun for the players, provides incredible conditioning, and allows you to work on ballhandling, defense, rebounding, finishing, agility, conditioning, and toughness all at the same time.

Set Up

This is a full court 1on1 drill with special rules and options that make the drill more effective.

You split the court in two sections. The yellow line represents the rim-line. Players stay on their side of the court until they cross the 3pt arc in their scoring area.

With a larger group, you can use the side baskets in the gym. So you could have 4 separate lines and 4 games of 1on1 going separately. I recommend having a maximum of 5 players in each line. If you have 15 players, get 3 lines going. If you have 16 or more players, get 4 lines going. This allows for great conditioning.

Players will go full court trying to score (see special rules below). They should keep track of their points. When they finish, they go to the end of the line and come back. You can't guard the same player two times in a row.

Run the drill for 10-25 minutes and see who wins. Kids will be exhausted at the end. Great for toughness and all around skills.

Rules and Scoring System

  • 1 point for a basket
  • 1 point for a defensive stop
  • -1 for turnover
  • -1 for not boxing out
  • -1 for fouling
  • 4 dribble max with your dominant hand
  • Offensive player can rebound and put the ball back in. Play continues until there is a score, defensive rebound, or turnover.
  • Can't cross the rimline on your side until you cross the 3pt arc.
  • You can't guard the same player two times in a row.

After time is up (run the drill for 10-25 minutes), the top 5 scorers get a drink and/or Gatorade. Bottom guys do spider dribble to half court.

We are basically rewarding for the things we want (ball security, rebounding, and defensive stops) and taking away for the things we don't want (turnovers, missed box outs, and fouling).


  • Put a coach under each basket watching for players that box out and getting guys to defense.
  • You really need to get them playing at a high level and use this drill as an opportunity to teach offensive and defensive fundamentals.
  • You might need to call fouls as some players have trouble calling their own fouls.
  • Every drill should be a rebounding and defensive drill. This is no exception. Have coaches watching for these things and holding players accountable.
  • You can adjust the rules and scoring system based on what you want to emphasize.

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Troy Culley says:
4/19/2013 at 4:59:32 AM

I like the sound of this, will give it a go at practice tonight and let you know how I get on with it.


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