Simple Basketball Fundraising Ideas

By Daniel Gottlieb from
We have had many requests to provide Easy Fundraiser Ideas for basketball players, teams and organizations. While there is a huge world of fundraising opportunities out there we have chosen to focus on three of our top suggestions.

  • Candy Fundraising Ideas: Many people forget all about how much money has been made over the years selling candy as a fundraiser. Sales have slowed over the years as schools have moved away from candy fundraisers. But that has just created a much greater opportunity for basketball teams and leagues wanting a simple fundraiser. You can choose candy from Hershey, M&M's or a fundraising specific candy line like the Original One Dollar Bar. Candy typically sells for a dollar. You purchase it by the case. Each case comes with four handled carriers that players carry around to sell the candy. Profits can exceed 55%. Click here for more candy fundraiser information.

  • Magazine Fund Raising: Magazine fundraising has changed but the fact remains that most American households purchase one or more magazine subscriptions every year. Why not take advantage of that by selling magazine subscriptions for your next basketball fundraiser? Our program offers more than 80 of the top magazines. You are selling subscriptions for $15 each. The number of issues varies from magazine to magazine but can be as much as 80% off the cover price. Click here for more magazine fundraiser information.

  • Online Mall Fundraiser: This is the perfect fundraiser for any basketball player or group. You get a free online shopping mall from Visit Our Mall. Your mall will have more than 600 stores in it including most of the top national sporting goods retailers. You invite people to shop in your mall and are paid cash back on any purchases made in your mall. The percentage earned varies from store to store. You are even given free tools to promote your mall. Earn money for years with your own shopping mall.

We can send you information on all of the different basketball fundraising ideas if you would like. Click here for a FREE 24-page no obligation basketball fundraising catalog.