The resources below will help you with preseason planning and X’s and O’s. Also, we have some offensive and defensive videos you can check out below these articles.

However, don’t forget that relationships with the athletes, parents, and administration is equally if not more important! State champion coaches have lost their jobs due to fractured relationships and communication issues. So be sure to check out those resources as well. It could save you from a year full of headaches and lost sleep.

6 Steps to a Successful Basketball Season!

  • How to Put Your PlayBook Together (Choosing Your Offense & Defense)
  • How to Build Your Master Practice Schedule
  • How to Create Your Practice Plans
  • Developing a Pre-Season Workout Program
  • Time Management Tips: How Do You Find Time To Teach Everything?
  • Getting Your Players Off To A Good Start and Excited For The New Season

How I Stopped "Dealing" With Parents

Five Innovative Ways to Improve Your Parent Meeting

Why You Should Not Set Goals and What Really Drives Winning - A Great Video to Share at Preseason Meetings


Offensive and Defensive Resources

Also, if you’re interested in ramping up your offensive productivity or making it very difficult for your opponents to score, here are some great resources to check out in our store.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee! So you have the freedom to buy what you want and return what you don’t… no questions asked.


Continuity Zone Offense & Concepts to Beat Any Zone Defense with Don Kelbick

Princeton Offense Made Easy with Aaron Jennings

The Hybrid Flex Offense with Don Kelbick

Transition Offense and the Four-Second Fast Break

The Complete Offensive System with Tim Schuring

The Simplified Motion Offense with Don Kelbick

60 BLOB Scoring Plays (eBook)

Plays for Beating the Zone (eBook)


Man to Man Defense with Jim Huber

2-2-1 Press: A Versatile Pressure System with Rob Beucler

Uptempo Basketball System - Pressure Defense, Pressure Offense with Keith Haske

1-3-1 Zone Defense (31 Defense) with Will Rey

2-3 Zone Defense - The Defense Your Opponents Will Hate with Al Marshall

The Match Up Zone Defense (Impossible To Prepare for) with Don Kelbick


To a great year!

- Joe and Jeff Haefner
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