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March 30th, 2016

Brad Stevens Transitions Drill: 3 Plus 2-On-2 Plus 3

This is a drill that Brad Stevens uses to practice his transition defense. The goals for the drill are to stay in front of the ball, protect the basket, pick up the ball and find the shooters...
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Keith Haske - 2nd in State
Uptempo Basketball System - Pressure Defense, Pressure Offense (Video)

Al Marshall - 2nd in State
Aggressive 2-3 Zone Defense "The Defense Your Opponents Will Hate!" (Video)

Don Kelbick - School’s First Ever Quarterfinal Appearance
Transition Offense and the Four-Second Fast Break (Video)
Match Up Zone Defense (Video)
Attack & Counter Skill Development System (Video)
Post Play Skill Development System (eBook)
How to Develop a High Scoring Motion Offense (eBook)
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