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Newsletter No. 80
Competitive Cone Touch Dribbling Drill with 12 Variations - Fun for All Ages
Fun and competitive skill building drill for all age levels (youth to high school). Can be used as a dribbling drill, warm up, and/or fun skill building activity. The drill requires players to dribble with their head up, change direction, and move at fast speeds. There are dozens of variations...

New Play: Mario Chalmers' Game Saving Shot Extended
If you are a Memphis Tigers fan, I apologize for bringing up a bad memory. If you are a college basketball fan, there is a good chance you remember Mario Chalmers′ three-point shot to send the 2008 NCAA Championship into overtime. That play was run...

Director of Breakthrough Youth Camps Earns More Elite Coaching Accolades (Includes Winning Elite International Tournament)
Coach Jim Huber, Lead director of the NEW Breakthrough Youth Camps and the creator of the The Ultimate Resource for Man to Man Defense, had quite a summer.First, he had a successful summer with...

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Ball Handling Camps
Grades 3 through 10.

Chicago, Illinois
Oct 5-6

Indianapolis, Indiana
Oct 12-13

Dallas, Texas
Oct 19-20

Shooting Camps
Grades 7 and Up

Jackson, Mississippi
Sept 21-22

Des Moines, Iowa
Oct 5-6

Observing Coaches

Observing coaches can attend the camp as well. Learn how to register by viewing the specific location of each camp.

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