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May 18th, 2016

11 Practice Requirements for Youth Basketball Coaches

For our 6th grade (to be) girls basketball team, we had a lot of players wanting to join so we decided to create two teams. Both teams will run the same offense, defense, etc… but we’ll practice separate. Since I don’t have enough time to coach both teams I have...

New Play - Hawaii Rainbows Double Stagger

One of the reasons for Hawaii's terrific season was due to their increase of offensive production. Under Ganot the Rainbow Warriors led the WAC with 77.5 points and 15.8 assists a game. Ganot, known as an assistant for his work with the guards, liked to use this play to get his shooting guard a clean three-point look from...
Mailbag, Feedback, and Other Resources

Today, we have...
  • A clarification on how to use the Attack & Counter Videos versus the Attack & Counter Workouts App
  • One parent who drove 8 hours for a youth camp and was sure glad she did
  • More reviews and feedback on our Breakthrough Basketball Youth Skills Camps

A clarification on how to use the Attack & Counter Videos versus the Attack & Counter Workouts App

Hi I was wondering if all of these are on Don's DVD? I have purchased it but have not watched it yet?

James LaMacchia

Joe Haefner’s Response:

Yes and no, James.

There are 50+ drills on the DVD and there are 250 drills on the Attack & Counter Workouts App. Some of the drills are the same. However, many are new.

This is how I personally used the Attack & Counter DVDs and the Attack & Counter Workouts.

I look at the Attack & Counter DVDs as the way to teach the system step-by-step. You get the coaching cues and you learn exactly how to teach it. It shows you to build it from the ground up.

After you have taught the foundation to your players, you start organizing drills for practices and workouts.

It also shows you exactly how Don organizes workouts and progresses in a systemic way level by level. It has over 140 workouts. You also have the ability to customize your workouts.

You can also track your results and view your progress using the app.

Additionally, we create the Attack & Counter Workout App, so even coaches with different teaching techniques can use the app. You don't have to agree with Don on his philosophies and still benefit from the app.

“We drove 8 hours to have our Daughter attend this camp and were not disappointed!”

We drove 8 hours to have our Daughter attend this camp and were not disappointed! She learned more in this one weekend than she has learned in 3 years of recreational basketball.

All of the coaches took time to give each camper individual attention. We will be looking at the shooting camp in Santa Fe now.

Coach Jim was wonderful not only with teaching basketball but teaching the kids to be grateful and use their manners. That seems to be something our youth is lacking in this day and age. Hats off to Breakthrough Basketball. Loved this Camp!

- Cindi Bradshaw

Injured granddaughter well taken care of...

Mr. Davis and his staff were very good. On the second day my granddaughter was having trouble with her knees. The staff got ice for her knees and was always checking on her. We had to leave at lunchtime on the second day because of her knees. We talked to Mr. Davis on the way out he told her how impressed he was of her because she tried. He gave her pointers on how to strengthen her knees. Mr. Davis is very professional and cares about the kids that he teaches. I hope to attend other camps with my grandkids.

- Bruce Brown, grandpa of Allyson Brown

“Refreshing to see & participate in a camp that focuses on fundamentals, fundamentals & more fundamentals.”

Excellent overall content from coaches, drills and life skills with the ending session recap conversations. It was refreshing to see & participate in a camp that focuses on fundamentals, fundamentals & more fundamentals. With some much focus placed on winning within youth sports today, this is an area that is often left behind within the development with kids

Paul Sorce, father of Matthew Sorce, Chatham Illinois with AJ Guyton

“Excellent coaching, camp, and experience for my daughter.”

Excellent coaching, camp, and experience for my daughter. She really enjoyed it and said she felt like she knows how to dribble past opponent better and knows how to protect the ball better with dribbling skills learned or enhanced.

- Michelle Tibbs, mother of Alison Tibbs Havana, IL - pictured both with Quentin

You can view our entire basketball camp schedule by clicking the link below.

Breakthrough Basketball Camp Schedule

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