When it comes to using ball screens in the fast break, a common mistake is that players get too rushed. As a result, the screen isn’t as effective and you don’t beat the defense as easily. The screener is also more prone to get an offensive foul via a moving screen because the ball handler leaves too early.

This tip from Coach Tim Schuring shows you how to...

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Below, we also answered a few questions that we’ve gotten from coaches.

Offense Drills To Improve Against Denial Defense

Are there any drills that you guys use to combat half court man to man defenses that deny the pass? We’re having a lot of problems when we face pressure. I’m coaching a 7th grade girls team.

Joe Haefner’s Response:

Regardless of age, we actually have a set of drills that we think will really help you out. You can check them out here:
4 Offense Drills To Combat Denial Defense With Dribble Entry Actions
This video also offers some great tips to teach players how to get open. There is also a 1v1 drill that you can use to practice getting open.
Get Open To Score With This 1v1 Drill
Also, the 3v3 no dribble drill is still a great way to teach your players how to handle pressure and get open. You can do this in the half court or full court.
Trying New Drills – No Dribble is Still One of the Best

Drills and Strategies Against Zone Defenses

Hi, I am coaching middle school basketball with kids who have a limited skill set. Our biggest issue is creating/taking/making shots against the many zone defenses we see. Are there a few easy drills we can work on so that we aren't stagnant when we are up against these zones?

Jeff Haefner’s response:

Here are a few strategies for zone offense:
Basketball Zone Offense - Strategies, Plays, and Tips to Beat a Zone
There are a lot of different ways to attack a zone but there are common fundamental concepts that come into play. Ultimately, you want to get zone defenders to get out of position to create openings. The Don Kelbick videos have some good concepts that I think would help you. He teaches a continuity offense that has good movements and puts players in positions that make it tough for the zone to defend.
4 Critical Elements for Your Zone Offense
How to Create Mismatches and Score More Points Against Any Zone Defense
With that said, if the players can't shoot outside, make lays ups, post shots, or mid-range shots... there is nothing you can do. They need some skill so I'd start there. Develop them and then apply some simple zone offense concepts explained at the link above to get some open shots.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any help!

- Joe Haefner
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