Drills for post players
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Author:  Willowbranch783 [ 20 Jun 2018, 17:35 ]
Post subject:  Drills for post players

I coach a middle school girls basketball team that has been underdeveloped. Right now if I had a game tomorrow, I would have two girls who could barely dribble the ball. I need to help the center develop below the basket. She's not very aggressive and she is standing when the rebounds come down. She is is the only size this team has and I feel like she'll come along if I can only find the right drills to help her.

Anyone have any really good basic post drills to help her find some aggressiveness under the basket and be consistent about jumping for the rebound?

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 21 Jun 2018, 07:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drills for post players

We do spin outs and/or chair drills to teach footwork in the post and help with scoring moves. We also play a lot of post 1v1... trying to simulate game situation.

Here are a few drills:

Many other good ones and teaching concepts here:

And here:

Author:  Willowbranch783 [ 26 Jun 2018, 08:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drills for post players

These are great! Thank you! Sorry for the delay in response. This has been such a helpful website.

Author:  Coach Rob [ 28 Jun 2018, 11:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drills for post players

Couple I'll suggest:

We call it "put it right back up". Have girls of similar heights (if possible), teams of 3 if you can do it. The girls face the basket anticipating a rebound fairly close to the basket. Coach shoots a short shot and misses on purpose. Now it's basically cutthroat. 2 v 1. No dribbling, you're putting it right back up. The object is get the ball and put it right back up to score.

Look up Mikan drills. Good stuff for bigs, but all kids can use it.

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