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Newsletter No. 70
Beat Zone Defenses With This Simple Tip
Use this simple, yet very effective tip to help your team beat zone defenses...

Video Icon 10 Shooting Tips From The Legendary Dave Hopla
This is a video of the legendary Dave Hopla talking about shooting. You will find 10 tips to improve your shooting that he mentions in the video.

Improve Game Play With The 50-Point Scrimmage Drill
The goal of this drill is to teach your players how to control the tempo, make good passes, read the defense, make good cuts, finish your shots and REBOUNDING..... along with playing good fundamental defense...

New Last-Second Plays From the 1-4 Low Set
Here are three last-second quick hitters that you can use with the 1-4 low set...


Owen Groesser – 8th grader with Down syndrome Nails Two 3-Pointers!

LeBron James Tackles Fan Who Wins $75,000 After Making A Half-Court Shot

Parenting Advice: Helping Your Kids Succeed By Not Helping

M2M Defense Drills - occasionally play with no arms

Fair Playing time for 13 kids

Ultimate basketball drill question

Out of control coach

3-Day Skill Camps In Houston, New York, LA, Chicago, and 13 Other Cities


We're excited to announce that we have scheduled 17 new basketball camps for 2013 with professional coach Don Kelbick. Don has worked with some of the best athletes in the world including Joe Johnson, JJ Barea, Bruce Bowen, Raja Bell, and more.

You can view all of the locations (in 14 different states) and the entire camp schedule at this link:


Each camp has limited spots available (to ensure high repetitions) and some locations will fill up quickly. Be sure to get registered soon to claim your spot.

You will go through a variety of advanced shooting, ball handling, and footwork drills that will greatly improve you as player. Not only is the skill work great, you will not find the mentality aspects taught like this at any other camp.