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September 16th, 2016

2 simple ball screen tips to score more points

When you become highly skilled at the tips in the video below, you can become extremely difficult to guard when attacking the ball screen. It shows you how to get the screener’s defender to...

How To Beat Your Defender With Any Dribble Move

Don Kelbick talks about a critical tip for your dribble moves that will help you beat your defender. As Don mentions, you beat your defender with...

Attack & Counter Skill Development System - 50+ Drills

$50 Discount Expires Sunday, September 18th

Here are some reviews on the system...

Brian Sass from Wheeling, IL says… (5-Star Rating Review)

Don Kelbick is one of the greatest teachers of footwork fundamentals in the game of basketball today.

It starts with philosophy. Don gives coaches a new tool for taking the indecision out of basketball and creating a more attacking, more decisive basketball player. Don tears down the old convention of pass-dribble-shoot as the triple threat to create a new triple threat: shot, shot, shot. From this foundation, Don moves into teaching the skills necessary for creating a well rounded basketball player, possessing the ability to score and mastery of the footwork to take them there.

His secret is simplicity. In this DVD series, Don does not flood you with a neverending series of offensive moves from all positions on the court. Coach Kelbick's belief that the same things happen on the basketball court all the time, streamlines and forms the underpinning of his teaching philosophy.

Coach Kelbick gives you three pivots to form the foundation of his Attack and Counter System. He then gives three counter pivots. These pivots are all you need to teach and all your players will need to become well-rounded threats on the basketball court.

The drill framework that is provided for teaching the footwork is simple, effective, and maximizes player repetitions to increase skill development. The drill work is done using chairs as "passers", and with rebounders working just as hard as shooters to get the ball back to starting point in order to maximize player repetitions.

This is not a "system specific" skill set. The drills that are taught and skills that are learned can be utilized regardless of whether you run a free-form motion, continuity, set plays, or are a 7-seconds-or-less coach. Whatever system you choose to run, the skills taught here can be utilized to tremendous effect.

I have coached middle school basketball for 11 years. During that time, I have always been looking for a concise, simple method to teach and drill players on footwork and shot philosophy. What Coach Kelbick teaches is by far the easiest to teach, the most effective once implemented, and has resulted in players better able to attack a defender, then counter and react to their adjustments. Don's system removes a large part of the thinking from the time a player catches the ball and breaks the decision-making process down to its most basic elements.

In the time I have used this system, I have seen a marked increase in player productivity, and fundamental soundness. I have been able to teach footwork more effectively using the drills in this series. Using Coach Kelbick's philosophy, I have been able to explain the game in simple terms, taken the thinking, the paralysis-by-analysis, out of my players' games.

I would highly recommend any coach adding this to their library. From middle school through to high school, Don's system provides the excellent philosophical and fundamental foundations for success.

Coach K from Fort Collins, CO says… (5-Star Rating)

I don't buy many DVD's. This one is outstanding. Don Kelbick is a master teacher/coach that simplifies things greatly. Footwork is so key to the game. breaking offensive moves to 3 moves and 3 counter moves - whether you are a post or guard, dribbling or not -- simplistic. I'm integrating these footwork concepts into my daily practice. It is very well organized, DVD and PDF. A great buy!!

Joe from Chicago, IL says…. (5- Star Rating)

This comprehensive DVD and ebook set contains a wealth of information for any level of basketball. Coach Kelbick advocates an attacking mindset, and lays out a well thought-out strategy and methodology to support it. The emphasis on footwork in the post, as well as on the perimeter, is excellent, and something I hadn't seen before. The drills are superb, develop multiple skills, and allow for many repetitions. Although I will be using the information to help make youth players better, I would highly recommend this set to coaches at any level, and for players at any position.

Order and read more about the videos here.

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