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April 25th, 2016

The Hybrid Flex Offense with Don Kelbick

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This DVD teaches you the very popular "base flex offense" and then builds on the traditional base offense by showing you new variations, options, entries, and concepts that turn it into the "Hybrid Flex Offense".

Zone Defense Play With Ball Screen Action That Confuses The Defense

This is a ball screen motion play that creates confusion and indecision for the defense. It can be used versus a match-up zone, a 2-3 zone or a 2-1-2 zone. It utilizes proper timing of cuts and screens to...
Mailbag and Feedback: This Flex DVD is the best EVER!.... And how one person felt “fooled”.

Check out some feedback below about the Hybrid Flex Offense with Don Kelbick.

You’ll see that one person said “This Flex DVD is the best EVER!”

Another said…”This is one of the best descriptive and easy viewing instructional videos I have come across.”

While another said they felt “fooled” into buying the DVD.

JD from Aurora, CO says (5-Star Rating):

Coach, This Flex DVD is the best EVER! I have coached for about 8 years now....always looking for ways to improve my teams skill set. I have bought over 12 DVD's in the past year (Paid Big Money) but none could come close to this! If you need an offense that has movement, screens and cutting this is IT! It not only teaches players but it's taught me how to become a better coach.

Thank you and God Bless!!!

Andy Cowie from New Plymouth says (5-Star Rating):

This is one of the best descriptive and easy viewing instructional videos I have come across. We too use the flex offense at our school which accommodates players aged 12yrs to 18yrs. Our coaches will now be able to hold a viewing session prior to the practical session with their teams which suits today's youth. Many thanks for this opportunity.


Andy Cowie
Francis Douglas Memorial College
Basketball Coordinator

Coach F. says (3-Star Rating)...

I'm not sure where the word "hybrid" comes from in the title. This is a basic breakdown of the Flex offense. If you are unfamiliar with the Flex, Don does a nice job of explaining it and breaking it into parts. Unfortunately, I was fooled by the title and the write up - it seems like there will be some new "twists" to the offense presented on this DVD....not the case.

Joe Haefner’s Response:

Coach F, I apologize if you felt fooled. That is not our intention whatsoever. We believe when you set out to deceive people just to make a sale that it will catch up to you in the long-run.

This is also a reason that we offer our 100% money-back guarantee. We don’t want you to feel any pressure to buy an item. If you don’t like it, ask for the refund. It won’t hurt our feelings one bit.

As for the title of the video They Hybrid Flex Offense. Don Kelbick teaches the flex continuity pattern and combines motion principles with the pattern to counter whatever the defense throws at you. And when deviating from the pattern to counter the defense, he shows you how to easily transition back into the flex pattern. This is the main reason we put Hybrid in the title. It’s a hybrid of the flex pattern and motion principles.

Additionally, we felt Don offered unique entries, plays, and variations to teach the Flex Offense

Coach S from Olathe, KS says (5-Star Rating):

Here's what I liked, it wasn't a team of ringers that already know the offense, running it perfectly. It was an average group of high school kids, learning on the go from an NBA quality instructor. You could see the lightbulbs going off along the way. I didn't just learn the Flex, I learned a lot about teaching from watching Don. He breaks down the complex and makes it simple.

Click here to access and read more information on the Hybrid Flex Offense.
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