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March 16th, 2016

Unorthodox Ways To Develop An Attack Mentality - Audio Interview With Don Kelbick

Don Kelbick is one of the most unique thinkers in basketball, and the NBA and world basketball community are listening. Coaches like Jeff Van Gundy have trusted Don and his methods to develop the skills and mentality that players need to succeed in the toughest league in Earth, the NBA.

Attack & Counter Skill Development System - 50+ Drills

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Some more reviews...

Jack Singer from London, England says... (5-Star Rating)

This is excellent material for all coaches. Don Kelbick uses concepts to approach offence and defence. It's a coherent approach that builds up on a step-by-step basis. He also questions traditionally-held beliefs, which makes us consider them in a new light.

Tom Ratterman from Bellevue, KY says… (5-Star Rating)

I attended Coach Kelbick's Attack and Counter camp with my son and daughter this past summer. I found the camp to be extremely beneficial. So much so, I purchased the dvd's so I could incorporate the drills into the practice and training time I spend with the kids I coach.

Coach Hall - Johnson U from Knoxville, TN says… (5-Star Rating)

Jeff, Joe, and Don,

I appreciate your work and constant giving toward the coaching community. I really enjoyed the attack and counter DVD's. I love studying the game, and I think perhaps over taught my players. I used to study players and find great moves to teach during training, but I, like Don found that teaching moves made them slow. With the A&C players do less thinking and more attacking. We have built up to attack, counter, and double counter but it is so much simpler.

I don't teach it 100% like Don as they react for their counters after they attack based on what they feel. Don is a great teacher, and I as a coach greatly appreciate him sharing his knowledge. Breakthrough does another great job with this production. Blessings..

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