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Newsletter No. 98

A Stupid Simple Entry that Always Works - How to Initiate Your Offense
Coaches. At some point, I'm sure you've had this problem... Your opponents defense is set. Your point guard brings the ball up and looks to start the offense. Nobody is open. The point guard is dribbling for what seems like an eternity trying to find an open teammate and get the ball entered. The ref is counting, the fans are starting to yell, and your point guard starts to get anxious...

Northwestern - Great Play For Your Best Scorer With Multiple Options
The following play is a simple, yet effective play that creates an opportunity for your best scorer to attack the basket via a handoff or back cut. If neither of those options are open, you should get an open perimeter look...

New 3 on 3 Tournament Directory - Need Your Help
Check out our new 3 on 3 tournament directory and add your tournaments to the directory! Already over 140 tournaments nationwide!