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Newsletter No. 81
Improve Rebounding by Adding ONE Simple Rule to Your Offense
Last season our freshman team had a total offensive rebounding percentage of 38.6% compared to our opponents 25.2%. We had a significant rebounding advantage in almost every game. I believe this rule and our enforcement of this rule had a lot to do with our advantage in this area...

New Out of Bounds Play Using Back Screens
When teams defend out of bounds plays underneath the basket they are focused on staying between their man and the ball. Often they are so focused on that principle that they can lose sight of screens...

Host a Breakthrough Camp at Your School or in Your Hometown
If you can get us into a gym in your area, please fill out the form below and we'll try to bring a Breakthrough Basketball Camp to you. We offer youth camps, middle school camps, high school camps, weekend camps, week-day camps, and more...

October Ball Handling Camps Starting Soon!

Grades 3 through 10.

Chicago, Illinois
Oct 5-6

Indianapolis, Indiana
Oct 12-13

Dallas, Texas
Oct 19-20

Observing Coaches

Observing coaches can attend the camp as well. Learn how to register by viewing the specific location of each camp.

To view our full list of camps, you can visit our camps main page.