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Newsletter No. 52
New Misdirection Play to Get Your Shooters and Post Players Wide Open Looks
Here is a great misdirection play that will get your shooter wide open looks off of a flare screen. It also has a great post slip action if the defenders cheat towards the...

How to Become a Better Shooter – Instantly
Is Shaq a better shooter than JJ Redick... huh!

Guard Drill 1 - Post Feed / Spot Up
Teaches players how to feed the ball in the post and reposition for the shot. It also improves ballhandling skills...

Guard Drill 2 - 2 Up, 2 Back
This drill will improve dribbling and ballhandling skills. It can be done alone or with multiple players in practice...

How do you handle slow players in the back of your 2-3 zone defense?
As with a lot of things it depends on a series of factors and the team you are playing. Here are some ideas that might help you...

Breakthrough Basketball News - Don Kelbick Helps Team USA Win Gold and Makes SportsCenter's Top 10


Which basketball would make me tear up if I lost it?

Don's Gold-Winning Experience at the Maccabi Games

Coach Like A Champion

5-Out Offense - Using the Read Spot

Team Unity Problems

Defending 4-Corner Delay

3rd Graders That Are Too Aggressive

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My Most-Valued Basketball

Between the two basketballs, any guesses on which one I value infinitely more than the other and would cause me to tear up if lost it?