Newsletter 49
Bob Hurley's National Championship Sideline Play
Recently, I watched an HBO documentary called "Prayer for the Perfect Season." The documentary was about a basketball team coached by Kevin Boyle at St. Patrick High School in Elizabeth who was competing for...

5 Ways to Execute Your Basketball Plays More Effectively
As coaches, we take our teams to practice every day. We have our plans, we have our basketball drills and we have our plays. Often, the process becomes the object of the practice, not the...

6 Tips for Rebounding in the Zone
One concern that coaches must confront when playing the zone defense is defensive rebounding. In the man to man it is relatively easy to...

Should Youth Coaches Eliminate Shooting Drills From Practice?
This strategy could help the development of your youth team tremendously...

REAL Reviews from Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense - The Opponents Your Defense Will Hate
We have gotten great responses about Al Marshall's zone defense DVD.

Carlos Lopez said "I have purchased every zone defense book and video out there. Coach Al Marshall's video is the best I have seen."

And George Steyer who is a 40-year coaching veteran at the high school level even said, "It is one of the best resources I have seen in my coaching career."