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Issue No. 156

Why Every Coach & Parent Needs To Copy Frank Kaminsky’s Dad

If you watched college basketball last year, you'll know that Frank Kaminsky led the Wisconsin Badgers to the Final Four and was named... 

5 Unconventional Offseason Training Methods That Will Give You An Edge On Your Competition

Everybody will tell you the basics of what you should do every offseason like...

Basketball Decision Training (BDT) Camps – Ball Handling, Shooting, 1 on 1 Moves, and More

You will...
  • Train the mind of players to make faster decisions within the practice environment
  • Improve the ability to think and act in decisive ways
  • Develop a confident attacking mindset
  • Learn how to train your mind, not just physical skills
  • Improve your motivation for training through the use of musical rhythm
  • Identification, cause and correction of the most common fundamental errors
  • Knowledge of the skills necessary to catch, shoot, dribble and attack on offense
  • Game-like understanding of the application of perimeter offensive skills
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