3 New Articles!

In the first article, Don Kelbick demonstrates some highly effective ways to get open and score the ball. If you can’t get open, you can’t score or pass to move the ball on offense.

Article #1 - How To: 2 UNSTOPPABLE Ways To Get Open For More Shots (With 3 Drill Progressions)

Recently, Jeff put together a couple of articles about his preparation for the youth basketball season. They also include drills and more tips. You should find both of these articles very helpful.

Even though, Jeff talks about his 5th & 7th grade teams, the principles are universal to other age groups as well.

Also, you can browse around Jeff’s blog and figure out what he did in past seasons for his youth and high school teams.

Article #2 - Bunch of Updates for You and Plan for the 2017/18 Season

Article #3 - Week 1 Basketball Practice Plans and Drills – 7th Grade

We hope that you find these helpful.

New Podcast: Building A Winning Culture From Scratch - After Assisting For Two Hall Of Fame Coaches With 1,500 Combined Wins!

Matt Keeley was interviewed for a recent podcast. Many of you know Matt for being a lead instructor at our Breakthrough Basketball Elite Guard Camps.

Matt is the head coach in his first year at Ottawa University in Surprise, Arizona. On top of that, it’s the basketball program’s first year!

And even more surprising, his team already upset the #7 ranked team in the nation during the second game of the season.

In the podcast, Matt shares what it’s like to try to build a program from scratch.

You will learn about culture, recruiting, offensive strategy, defensive strategy, and more.

You will also learn what Matt learned from two hall of fame coaches Bob Chipman and Rocky Lamar who combined for 1,500 wins and multiple national championships. Matt had the extremely rare opportunity to assist for both hall of fame coaches.

Check it out:


- Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
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