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September 14th, 2016

The 555 Shooting Drill -- Develops Rhythm, Range, and Footwork

Here is a shooting drill that Coach Kelbick uses to start almost every workout with his players, especially with the NBA & professional players that he trained. The tips provided will help you develop a quicker release and increase your...

NBA Skill Coach Shows Players How to Improve Shooting Workouts -- And Reveals Mistake Almost Every Player Makes

As Don Kelbick mentions, a lot of shooters are hurt by the way that they practice. Why...

Attack & Counter Skill Development System - 50+ Drills

35% Discount Expires Sunday, September 18th

The Attack and Counter System is a unique skill development program designed by NBA skills coach Don Kelbick.

It's a unique and comprehensive system that simplifies the game for players at all levels and all positions. As the name implies, it's based on an "attack" and then "counter" philosophy.

It will improve your shooting, ballhandling, footwork, perimeter moves, post moves, finishing, aggressiveness, quickness, confidence, mentality, and your all-around game!

It's incredibly simple when compared to…

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Attack and Counter Reviews - “Best Skill Development DVDs I Own… Hands Down.”

Great reviews keep coming in for Don Kelbick’s Attack & Counter System. Here are a few below.

Mike from Coon Rapids, MN says (5 Star Rating)...
Best skill development DVDs I own, hands down. We spend so much time putting our guys reaction mode....this program helps me breakthrough and apply an attack philosophy to individual development as well now.

Tim from Edmond, OK says (5 Star Rating)...

Jeff, Joe and Don,

I apologize in advance for the lengthy feedback.

But I need to give you some background. I have a daughter in 7th grade. She's always been tall for her age and was always told not be aggressive with the smaller kids even if the kids were years older. We have no boys and her only sibling is an older sister who doesn't play sports. She never has had an environment of competition or aggressive play. When it came to basketball, she's been very timid.

She's played a couple years with an intermediate level club team and last season she tried out for a serious club team and was selected to their elite level team. The coach knew it would take a season or two to get acclimated to the speed and physical play. I and the coaches thought she made great strides with her overall play but the weakest part of her game was her aggressiveness on both ends of the court.

After her first year of school ball was good and now starting her second season of elite club ball, I was curious how I could help get her more aggressive. I know confidence was a key factor but I wasn't sure how to help. I stumbled across one of Don's video's on a web search and it caught my attention. His simple footwork and triple threat philosophy mirrored mine in my playing days but I always deferred to the coaches.

I bought Don's Attack and Counter System in hopes to help my daughter. We sat down and watched the entire set together and would pause it when she had questions. Then I took her out to the driveway and showed how the drills should go, even when by herself - with spinning it to herself.

During that last 4 weeks she has gone to the fitness center gym with her mom 2 - 3 days a week after school. I gave her a 90 minute limit and she reports back on how many shots she took going through several drills.

Last weekend was her first elite tourney and I and the coaches noticed huge difference in her game. Oddly enough it was as much on the defensive end. An example: she plays multiple positions (3, 4, 5) coming off the bench. Our starting center got in early foul trouble. My daughter came in to play the 5. Playing against a taller, heavier, and more aggressive, skilled player, my daughter posted her up, went to her favorite move turn around jump hook and even though she didn't make it, it's the fact that she didn't hesitate, didn't wait for the guard to dig it and the taller player couldn't block it. Then playing the #3 outside, she caught the pass and immediately was in triple threat (shot) and drained the 3....even though doesn't practice shooting 3's.

On the defensive side, my daughter ended up blocking the taller center's shot because she "said she was slow to react and I knew what the girl was going to do."

Needless to say, I'm extremely excited that she has made progress on her own and I haven't had the chance to really work with her yet. I will report back later in the summer if that's okay.

Thank you so much!

Sammy Porras from Carlsbad, NM says (5 Star Rating)...

Fantastic DVD! I also share the opinion that you can only go as far as your feet take you in the game of basketball, and the Attack & Counter system simplifies footwork which in turn make you a better player.

Brad Robinson from Birmingham, AL says (5 Star Rating)...

The DVDs arrived quickly. DVD 1 was loose and scratches on the back. I let customer service know and they rectified the situation quickly by shipping out a whole new set. Also attended the camp which was packed full of drills and good individual feedback. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their game.

If you want to learn how Don Kelbick develops assertive, confident, aggressive players in addition to simplifying and accelerating skill development, check out his system.

Joe Haefner
Jeff Haefner
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