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If you’ve ever had trouble with defending a dominant post player, this is for you.

4 Strategies For Defending A Dominant Post Player

Also, here are some other great defensive videos for you to check out on our website.

One Of The Toughest Defense Drills You Will Ever Do (Great Conditioning Too) - Man In The Hole

A Challenging Defensive Drill To Improve Communication and Rotation - 4 on 4 With Baseline Drivers

10 Keys To A Great Defensive Stance

Why You Should NOT Step Slide On Defense

The Defensive Shell Drill Sucks?

How to Get All 5 Players SPRINTING in Transition Defense -- On Almost Every Possession

How To Build A Man To Man Defense - Step By Step (Over 50 Drills)

I also wanted to remind you that the 30% discount ends Sunday, August 6th for the Man to Man Defense Video with Jim Huber.

We document everything in the DVD step-by-step with critical teaching points. And we even provide bonus eBooks to help guide you through the process.

Man To Man Defense Video - Step-By-Step Instruction - Over 50+ Drills

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