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June 30th, 2016

Unorthodox Shooting Drill That Improves Decision-Making

Here is an "unorthodox" shooting drill from Basketball Decision Training Camp Director Chris Oliver. The person under the basket gives a cue to the offensive player. After each cue, the shooter...

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Mailbag - Feedback, Comments, Reviews, and More

In today’s mailbag, we address some comments and questions from this recent article by Chris Oliver The Comprehensive Guide to Basketball Decision Training. This includes... an excited coach who attend the BDT camps… a person questing contradicting philosophies between BDT & Attack & Counter… and we even explain how we turned down a potential with a NBA championship coach.

“Couldn’t wait to call the kids previously coached to share BDT (Basketball Decision Training)!”

““I attended the Pasadena Camp in April and couldn't wait to call the kids I previously coached to share BDT. I started to train about six kids and their game developed after the first practice. It went way smoother than any practice I have ever conducted. No Lines, no lay-ups, the kids had a ball in their hands, dribbling, shooting, back pivoting, changing, and ended with Italian 3 on 3.”

- Adolpho

“In my mind, after becoming more familiar with Don Kelbick''s philosophy, this seems to be at odds with it (Basketball Decision Training).”

Here is a conversation between Graham and co-founder Jeff Haefner.


I’m not so sure about this.

In my mind, after becoming more familiar with Don Kelbick's philosophy, this seems to be at odds with it. Maybe it’s just a question of choosing as a coach what you want to do, what works for you.

To me, however, Don’s ideas about not reading the defense and developing an attack mentality where the shot-shot-shot triple threat leads thoughtlessly into counter moves makes more sense (and feels better to me, the player) than watching for a cue from the defense and making a decision.

I’m not sure what others think about this. Again, it might just be an alternative to what Don is teaching; coaches get to pick what they feel works for them. But I’m wondering if others think these are at odds or there is a commonality I’m missing.

Jeff Haefner’s response:

Graham - That is a good question. Here's my experience from observing both coaches...

I started out observing and sometimes helping at several Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter camps. They are great.

I then later on went to Chris Oliver’s BDT camp. The drills and training methods are different. But there are many more similarities in what Kelbick and Oliver teach players than there are differences. They both teach an attack mentality. Oliver uses "zero second" terminology. Don uses "shot, shot, shot" triple threat terminology. If you are open, shoot. If not, look to attack.

I even had a parent come up to me saying they can see why we chose Chris Oliver to do camps because their philosophy regarding how they want players to attack are similar and complement our other camps.

The BDT is a training method. It's gets players mentally engaged and makes drills more game like in regards to quick reactions players need to make.

Now there are differences in how Kelbick and Oliver go about things... but from my perspective they are not at odds with each other. In fact, now that my daughter is old enough, she will be attending both of the camps. More than once. I do think a coach needs to choose certain philosophies but they can definitely take something from both coaches. That's what I have done... I take bits and pieces from both.

If you have other questions, just let us know. We can certainly go into more detail and provide more resources.

More on contradicting philosophies on our website… how we turned down a potential with a NBA championship coach.

To piggy-back on the previous conversation, I (Joe Haefner) would like to share our approach to contradicting philosophies on our website… even at some of our camps. Let me explain…

At first, we did not have many contradicting philosophies on our website… probably for the first 3 or 4 years.

In fact because we already had our “skill development guy” in Don Kelbick, we turned down a potential partnership with a NBA championship coach. The coach caught whiff of our popularity when we shared one of their YouTube videos in our newsletter.

We told them that we valued our loyalty to our coaches and we were going to continue down that path.

As we’ve grown, we’ve changed that philosophy. We are still extremely loyal to our coaches, but we’ve decided to share contradicting philosophies.

Everybody has different coaching philosophies, so we’ve decided to open up with coaches that may have different beliefs. We want you to take in the information and decide how you want to form your beliefs.

Just like us, you may take little pieces of information from different coaches to form your own coaching philosophy.

Jeff and I will even have some slightly different beliefs that we share on the website.

We also don’t want to handcuff coaches. We want them to share what they believe in… not what we want them to believe in.

So hopefully that clears up any confusion on why some information could, at times, sound contradictory.

Joe Haefner
Jeff Haefner
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