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May 31st, 2016

The "Rocker" Shooting Drills For Guard

Here are three shooting drill progressions that Jim Huber and other instructors teach at the...

Elite Guard Camp Schedule

Camp Starts June 17th

The elite guard camp is for very serious and dedicated 7th grade to 12th grade players. It's an intense 3 day camp (depending on the location) that covers ALL aspects of guard play -- mentality, leadership, ball handling, passing, scoring, shooting, play making, and much more. For dedicated and serious players that are willing to work hard - boys and girls.
Mailbag - Questions, Feedback, Reviews, and Comments

Since summertime is here, the mailbag has gotten a little light.

However, we do have some reviews from the recent Elite Guard Camps.

For our spring camps, they received an average rating of 9.59 out of 10.

53 of the 64 reviews gave it a rating of 10 out of 10.

“48 years old… one of the BEST camps I have ever been to for instruction and training.”

I am 48 years old and in my years as a player and coach I have attended many camps all over the US and by far this is one of the BEST camps I have ever been to for instruction and training. Matt Keeley is BOSS and brings the enthusiasm and energy to the court like none other. Matt embodies what elite players need to be like with his strong character, ability to clearly communicate, encourages and inspires others to work hard to not only be great on the court but to be a great individual in all of life's adventures. As well he is a leader, speaks with positive words and clean language and well mannered. Unbelievable how fast 18 hours of instruction went! We'll be at more skills camps like this and not game playing camps.

Doug Arnold, parent of Abigail and Marissa Arnold (10 out of 10 Rating)

“Camp made my skills better and made me think more” “

The camp made my skills better and made me think more. I have new drills and workouts I can use to improve my game now as well. The coaches were also very helpful and taught me well.”

Andrew Moseman in Rochester, NY at Adam Hepker’s Elite Guard Camp

“This organization amazes me every time...The confidence, and the encouragement they help to instill within my son... ”

The professionalism and flow of the camp was amazing. The way the coaches were actually able to give "hands-on" advice, and consideration to each camper was beyond anything I have ever seen before. This is another camp that is geared towards helping those players seriously considering basketball as a long-term sport. This organization amazes me every time, and through every camp my son signs up for. The confidence, and the encouragement they help to instill within my son by just their unique way of breaking down the basic fundamentals of basketball, and encouraging him to grow from there, adding his own unique touch, has been something I greatly treasure, Thank you!

Andie Burkholder, parent of Mark Burkholder at our Roanoke Elite Guard Camp (10 out of 10 rating)

You can view our all of our camps by clicking the link below.

Breakthrough Basketball Camp Schedule

Also, let us know what you think about our new mailbag feature that shares reviews, feedback, questions, concerns, and comments. Is it helpful?

Joe Haefner
Jeff Haefner
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