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Beat the Trap

Categories: Ballhandling / Dribbling  Press Breaker  
Ages: All Ages  Youth  Middle School  High School+  

Purpose of the Drill:

Teach players how to use the dribble to beat a trap. (For more drills information about beating a press, you can reference this guide about breaking pressure.)


  • In this drill you have one offensive player against two defensive players.
  • A coach or player will pass the ball to Player 1.
  • The defensive players will work to contain and trap Player 1.
  • Player 1 will use their dribble to try and beat the 2 defensive players. Player 1 has the entire court to work with.
  • Player 1 should try to isolate one of the defenders instead of trying to beat them both. A good fake and change of direction should allow the player to attack the outside foot of one of the defenders. They'll need to make a strong and aggressive move down the court.
  • The back up dribble is probably the most effective way to get space so you can size up your defender, get them on their heals, and attack.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Catch and face the basket in low and strong triple threat position.
  • Keep head up when dribbling.
  • Attack one defender.
  • Use back up dribble to create space.
  • Avoid the spin dribble because the spin causes you to lose sight of the defense and gives them a chance to close the trap and tip the ball.
  • Aggressively attack the outside foot of one of the defenders. Try to avoid splitting the defense because that allows the defense to tip from behind.


gareth says:
8/23/2010 at 3:48:40 AM

ive tried this drill and it works it helps plers to work on their alertness when annticipating the pass and also to put presure on the receiver

mbusi derrick says:
4/25/2012 at 9:57:41 AM

hi i like these drills here we dont press till may be a team is down and in the last quarter when do u recommend to press

mbusi derrick says:
4/25/2012 at 9:58:31 AM

wen do u recommend a press

Ken says:
4/25/2012 at 1:52:26 PM

mbusi -

I don't recommend pressing with youth players... maybe at the 7-8th grade level would be ok.

Now, if you are working with that age group or older... and if its me, I would press after made free throws or baskets... coming out of a time out or a dead ball situation.

I would say that the more you are down the earlier I would press..... I have found that a good half court trap can throw a team off its game also... same rules as above. JMO

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