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Newsletter No. 71
2 Ways To Improve Free Throw Shooting During Games
Check out this useful tips to help you make more free throws during games...

Please Don’t Make Youth Basketball Gross!
Sometimes we youth coaches watch professional basketball so much that we confuse that with what we do. Professional basketball is mostly about winning — and it should be. After all, at that level, while basketball may still look like a game, in reality it is a...

Score An Easy Bucket With This Press Breaker Play
Here is an extremely simple play out of the triple stack set that is highly effective in pressure situations. This is especially useful when you are winning near the end of the game and the defense is overplaying all entry passes...

Teaching This Is Way More Important Than the X’s and the O’s
We all really like seeing our players improve and winning games. However, there are things more important than the x's and o's like helping to develop players into adults with...


Incredible Trick Shots By 2 Year Old!

How To Be More Efficient With Your Time Watching Videos – Watch YouTube Videos At Faster and Slower Speeds with HTML5

Basketball Moves Are A Lot Like Friends

3rd & 4th grade 1st yr motion

Left Hand Layup-worth the time?

What makes a good high school coach?

2-3 Zone Defense vs.Baseline Inbound Plays

Summer Basketball Camps In St. Louis, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Seattle, and 13 Other Cities

We're excited to announce that we have scheduled 17 new basketball camps for 2013 with professional coach Don Kelbick. Don has worked with some of the best athletes in the world including Joe Johnson, JJ Barea, Bruce Bowen, Raja Bell, and more.

You can view all of the locations (in 14 different states) and the entire camp schedule at this link:

Each camp has limited spots available (to ensure high repetitions) and some locations will fill up quickly. Be sure to get registered soon to claim your spot.

You will go through a variety of advanced shooting, ball handling, and footwork drills that will greatly improve you as player. Not only is the skill work great, you will not find the mentality aspects taught like this at any other camp.