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October 27th, 2015

Help Defense Drill: Jump To The Ball Series

This is an excellent advanced help defense drill to remind your players the importance of jumping to the ball. This drill teaches where you jump to the ball when you are playing strong- side (ball side) defense or weak-side defense. The defensive player will...

Interview With Creighton's Greg McDermott - The Best Advice You Will Ever Hear On Coaching Your Own Child To Achieve The Impossible

On the latest episode of the Breakthrough Basketball’s Jim Huber Show, we interviewed Creighton’s Greg McDermott. Coach McDermott provided a lot of very valuable advice. Here are a few of the topics covered.
  • Tips For Coaching Your Son or Daughter
  • How Greg’s Son Doug McDermott Won NCAA Player Of The Year (After Nearly Quitting In 9th Grade)
  • Shooting Technique and Mentality
  • A Simple Way To Improve Communication With Your Players
  • The One Criteria All Recruits Must Pass - Valuable for Coaches and Players
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