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October 26th, 2016

New Article: Pressure defense and how to easily confuse the offense on every

This tip will help you reduce scoring and increase turnovers for your opponents. You can even use it to confuse the offense on almost every possession. The constant stress results in...

The Perfect Basketball System For A Football School

Coaching at a football school can provide some challenges for basketball coaches. So how can you turn these potential issues to benefiting your basketball program? One... if you have basketball players that...

Keith Haske's Uptempo Basketball System - Pressure Defense, Pressure Offense

20% Discount Expires Sunday, October 30th

Coach Keith Haske has...
  • Over 500 career wins!
  • 5 State Championship appearances!
  • And compiled a 239-78 record (a .753 win percentage) over 13 years using his uptempo system!
In the DVDs and eBooks, you learn their entire offensive system, defensive system, fast break, offense, drills, full court press, zone offense, keys to success, and more.

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