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And a personal note...

So a few years ago, I (Joe) started getting some hip pain when getting off the couch and doing other activities.

And this is the 13th year that I’ve celebrated my 25th birthday...

So I wasn’t going to let this evolve into a thing where I start hobbling around like a penguin by the time I reach my mid-40s or 50s. Besides just wanting to feel good, I have kids that I want to play sports with!

So I came across this book called Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain by Pete Egoscue.

The book was a fairly easy read. It gave you just enough technical background while keeping things simplified enough, so a common person like me could understand it.

He has also worked with famous people like Jack Nicklaus as you can find this quote...

“Pete Egoscue totally changed my life. Never have I experienced such complete pain relief as I have by following The Egoscue Method.” - Jack Nicklaus

Apparently, NFL teams are also interested in incorporating his techniques because players like John Lynch claimed it extended their careers.

There are also rumors that guys like Tony Robbins use Egoscue therapists.

Even back in 1998 when originally written (I think), he said “ (Tiger) Woods will probably end up... with back or shoulder problems... Tiger’s right shoulder is forward and lower than the left. This asymmetrical state is evidence of compensation and improvisation.”

So that caught my attention as well.

So I looked up a therapist and I was lucky enough to find one close enough to me near Tampa, Florida. The therapist was Christi Slaven. She’s been great!

When I started asking questions, I knew her depth of knowledge was far superior to anybody I’d gone to before. And the results spoke for themselves...

My hip pain cleared up within a month. So it’s been almost 18 months since I’ve had any!

And my walking and running improved. My walking felt more fluid. And my running times improved within a couple of months.

I like to do high intensity interval runs once or twice a week. I run hard for 30 seconds then rest for 90 seconds. And I do this for 8 rounds.

Well, I set a goal where I sprint diagonally across a field then finish a 20 meter run up a hill. My goal was to complete 8 of those in 30 seconds or less. After 2 ½ years, the best I’d gotten was 6.

Within a few months, I upped this to 9!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been doing the therapy for over 18 months and there are times I feel like quitting.

But by communicating with Christi that I only have 15 to 20 minutes in the morning, she’s able to design exercise routines where I stay motivated and keep going.

And now I stop in every two months to get a new routine to get re-evaluated and keep things fresh.

Even though I’m not a medical expert or doctor and you definitely need to seek professional medical advice, I figured I’d share my positive experience in case it can help anybody else.


- Joe and Jeff Haefner
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