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This video teaches you a deadly move to use against aggressive defenders. It’s super easy to learn and will constantly put you in a position to score.

How To: DEADLY Scoring Move For An Overplaying Defender (Shooting Drill Too)

The second article has to do with a question we get about the Attack & Counter Skill Development System. Some people who attend the camps or purchase the videos will ask this.

How do you incorporate the Attack & Counter Skill Development into your practices and workouts?

The videos do give you an example of how to teach it step by step. And the eBook offers you some great tips on how to make it fit for you.

However, some of you just wanted examples of concrete practice and workout plans. So here it is!

How To Incorporate The Attack & Counter Skill Development System - With 6 Attack & Counter Practice or Workout Plans

50+ Drills and Variations | Simplified Skill Development System Developed By NBA Skills Trainer

Check out this skill development system developed by NBA skills trainer Don Kelbick. He has trained Olympic Gold Medalists, NBA All Stars, All-NBA Defensive Players, NBA 3-Point Leaders, and many more players… all the way down to the youth level.

And if you don’t like it… no worries. We have a 100% money-back guarantee.

The $50 discount expires Sunday, September 17th.

The Attack and Counter Skill Development System DVDs

- Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
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