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August 23rd, 2016

New Shooting Drill - The Bounce Closeout 1 on 1 Drill

Coach Oliver shows you a shooting drill that teaches you how to attack closeouts versus man to man and...

Podcast Episode: How To Earn A College Basketball Scholarship

Every player wants that coveted college scholarship, but beyond being told to work hard, they don’t receive a ton of other information about how exactly to go about procuring the scholarship they want. For most parents it’s a mystery as...

Basketball Camp Schedule - Shooting Camps, Youth Skills Camps, and More

We have specific camps for beginners. We have specific camps for advanced players. Check out the schedule before more camps fill up.
Summer Basketball Camp Reviews - With A Tear-Jerker

We’ve also spent some time the last week organizing our reviews from the summer.

As you will read, some of these reviews show the much bigger impact you have off the court. This is why we do what we do!

Camper battling rare autoimmune disease inspired by perseverance story

Hi Coach Huber,

Today one of your assistants shared a perseverance story with the kids. It struck a note with my daughter, Anna.

When Anna was 4, she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that essentially made her white blood cells attack the connective tissue in her joints like they were an infection. By the time we realized she was 'sick', the damage was so prevalent that she couldn't even make a step up onto a 4" riser on her own, she needed a hand rail or someone assisting. It has been a long road but she has made it into remission last year and now she is out on the basketball court tearing it up against girls and boys.

Anna is now going into 8th grade, and has only been playing basketball for a 9 months. She found basketball this past year thanks to her younger sister, Claire. Now further, one could say it's a fluke that Anna was even at this camp; it was her younger sister that was originally registered and would have attended, had she not broken arm last week. After the arm break, we convinced Anna to give-it-a-go as Claire's replacement so she could come home and teach Claire some of the learnings when she was healed. :-)

A special note of thanks for the time you took this AM before the camp start to help Anna with her shot mechanics; that 1-1 time meant the world to her. Anna has only played basketball 9 months, and just 2 months ago, I was helping her break the habit shooting jump shots with two hands. Anna has come a long way, but the attention from you today and the Perseverance message gave her an extra confidence boost.

The Lord puts events in our lives that help to shape our character. As I reflect on the events during this past week that lead Anna up to today, I see His had was clearly present. We have been very fortunate and blessed to participate in your camp. You are a class act, you run a great program, and we look to return in the future.

- Mike Stern from Minneapolis Youth Skills Camp

Best basketball clinic he has ever participated in…Organized... High Repetitions…. Instructors care about the kids… Shooting Camp Reviews

Everything was very organized. You can tell the instructors really care about the kids and want them to learn the skills. They also want them to be better kids and to be thankful for the opportunities that they have in life.

- Tommy Benjamin, parent of James Benjamin.

Very organized.
High repetitions.
Very knowledgeable coaches.
Very friendly coach.

- Dave Berkey, parent of Austin Berkey pictured here with Prileu.

Aidan had a Great Time at the 3 day camp! He said it was the best basketball clinic he has ever participated in. He hopes there will be another clinic from Coach Jim in the near future.

- Timmy Bueno, father of Aidan Bueno - Honolulu Shooting Camp

Joe Haefner
Jeff Haefner

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