The summer can make or break your upcoming high school basketball season.

Coach Nate Sanderson implemented intelligent ways to use the summertime as a launching pad into the next basketball season. His last three seasons have ended in the state championship game with two victories.

Lucky for you and me, he shared some of the unique things that he’s done to develop skills, improve relationships, and build a tremendous team culture.

That way during the season, you can squash potential problems that turn into massive headaches with parents, players, and the administration.

Check it out:

6 Ways To Invest In Your Summer - Drills, Culture, Relationships, and more

Here is a great drill that you can use during workouts and team practices. This is a great drill to improve 1v1 dribble moves in transition and finishing around the basket.

It’s a great way to teach your players how to be efficient with their dribble. They HAVE to move in straight lines. And they can’t waste dribbles. Take a look.

1v1 Fast Break Attack With Narrow Cones

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