If you want to have a great offensive team, your goal is to get open shots near the basket.

So your defensive goal should be the opposite… keep the opposition out of the paint! Force contested perimeter jump shots.

And here is a great drill that works really well. That’s because it rewards the defense for keeping the ball out of the paint. Check it out and let us know what you think.

No Paint Defensive Drill

Also, here is some feedback on Jim Huber’s Man to Man Defense Videos…

Been Coaching For 10 Years… This Is My #1 Defense Video

I have been coaching for 10 years and am starting to build a pretty good DVD library. This DVD is my #1 video for teaching defense. Jim Huber does a fantastic job building the defense with a step by step process, which makes this video superior to all others I have seen. This video has helped my coaching background and philosophy immensely. I run the "man in the hole" drill every time we practice.

Thanks Jim! 5 stars (would give more if I could :o)

- Coach Chad from Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Breakdown Drills and Stages Makes This Easy To Implement In Practice.

Excellent DVD! Coach Huber did a fantastic presentation of his m2m system. The breakdown drills and stages makes this easy to implement in practice. The ebooks enhances the dvd's and make this the most comprehensive dvd I have purchased on defense. Definitely worth the money!

- Warren Bynum Sr. from Kingsford Heights, Indiana

Jim Huber's enthusiasm is infectious a super way to teach man to man defence the amount of detail makes this great value!

- Pearse O' Dwyer from Dunshaughlin, Ireland

By Far The Best and Most Applicable To Youth Basketball

This is really all you need to develop a reasonable man to man defense for youth basketball. The four CDs are full of information and drills that can be used for many age levels. I also like the way he breaks the man to man down into much easier and understandable steps and is consistent throughout the DVD. I have purchased other man to man DVDs from other sources and this is by far the best and most applicable to youth basketball. I would recommend this.

- G Harter from Concord, Virginia

And just a reminder… you can get a 30% discount on Jim Huber’s Man to Man Defense until Sunday, July 29th!

- Joe Haefner
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