This a really important lay up tip that MANY, MANY players need to become a better finisher.

If I had to guess, I’d say 90% of players don’t execute this the right way. So there is a good chance that your team is losing out on chances to score more points around the basket.

In fact, you can apply this same tip to almost any finishing move for your players.

This has made elite finishers like Kyrie Irving nearly impossible to stop.

A Lay Up Tip That Every Youth & NBA Player Needs

Expires Sunday! Next Level Finishing Moves With Jim Huber

The introductory discount for the new video Next Level Finishing Moves with Jim Huber expires Sunday, July 23rd.

Here are a few things included in the video.
  • 20 finishing moves for every level of player.
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  • Breakdown drills and progressions for every single move - almost anybody can learn any move!
  • 14 competitive finishing drills to improve against live defenders.
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Next Level Finishing Moves with Jim Huber

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