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Fun & Competitive Dribbling Drill - Capture The Flag Dribbling Drill
Young kids love Capture The Flag. Introduce aspects from that game to create a fun and competitive dribbling drill...

Real Madrid Pick & Roll Play
Real Madrid recently used this pick-n-roll play in a Euroleague game. This is an excellent play as it spreads the defense and involves a difficult re-screening action that results in a pick-n-roll situation. There are two ball screens and a...

Mailbag, Comments, Reviews, and Feedback

In today’s mailbag, we have a person that doesn’t think our 1v1 finishing drill is realistic... We also have some reviews on Don Kelbick's Transition Offense and the Four-Second Fast Break....

1v1 Finishing Drill Not Game-Like... No Passing

On this 1v1 Corner Finishing Drill, we received a comment under the YouTube Video...

I don't like this drill, sorry. It's not a realistic game situation. I would prefer to set up a 2v2 drill from corner drives, ball handler and a post or perimeter player as his team mate. Dribbler drives past corner defender and has to make a decision when he gets to the basket. 1) do I have a shot? 2) does my team mate have a better shot? otherwise you're just teaching your players to go up for contested shots and not look for better options. It will also help train your helpside defense rotations in the post. Just my thoughts. I understand they need to learn how to finish under pressure but I would teach that in a break down drill so they get the technique right first.

Joe Haefner’s Response:

I like your idea for the 2v2 drill. However, if you want your players to work on finishing over weakside help, you can't dismiss this drill.

While incorporating 2v2 drills that incorporate decision-making with teammates are important, some players always shy away and always pass the ball. Hence, their finishing never gets better. With the 1v1 drills, they have no choice but to shoot.

It all depends on your objective.

That is why most of the great coaches progress from 1on0, 1on1, 2on0, 2on2, disadvantage drills, etc. Each one has its purpose.

If your team has great individual finishers, but more poor decision-makers, your 2v2 drill and other progressions would be a better fit.

If your team needs to work on being able to finish better, 1on0 and 1on1 situational drills might be a better fit.

Also, this drill is nice to use for small group workouts as you don't need 4 or more players.

Thanks for the comment as it creates good discussion.

Reviews and Feedback on Don Kelbick's Transition Offense and the Four-Second Fast Break.

Chris Hergenrader from Grant, MN (5 out of 5 Stars)

Awesome DVD. I went into it expecting some magical break setup that would transform my team via improved X's and O's. What I got was something better. Our break was pretty much what Coach Kelbick does, but the drills he included and the overriding aggressive and attacking mindset to incorporate into our break is what will make our transition game better. Another great DVD from Don Kelbick.

Wanted to mention that I have every DVD Coach Kelbick has made and they all are some of the top DVDs I have. Great, usable information all the way around.

SK says... (5 out of 5 Stars)

Excellent - simple and to the point.

I have heard coaches talk about implementing their philosophy but this is the first time I have seen anyone actually demonstrate it. This video was as much a "how to teach players" lesson as it was a "how teach players a fast break" lesson.

One thing Coach Kelbick did that was very unique, was showing how the transition offense complements the half court offense.

I would really be interested in a motion offense video covering man-2-man and zone concepts by this author.

Bruce Aulabaugh from Maylands, WA says... (5 out of 5 Stars)

Dear BB,
You and Don Kelbick did a fantastic job on this video. Way to go! Keep up the good work! Can't say enough about the quality of the material and the communication of the concepts.
Five Stars.

Damian Fantauzzi from Middle Grove, NY says… (4 out of 5 Stars)

Like the drills and concept of keeping it simple and easy for the players to understand. Fits my philosophy because it cuts out a lot of confusion for the kids! Good one!

PJ says… (5 out of 5 Stars)

This goes well with my KISS (keep it simple stupid) philosophy for teaching players how to play basketball. I believe players that "don't think" are best equipped for game time situations...and this dvd shows in a good way to get to that state for a team. I'm excited on seeing how this will be implemented this upcoming season.

RR says… (5 out of 5 Stars)

Fantastic DVD - Love Coach Kelbick's teaching style and anecdotes. Really like the buildup process to the full transition as well as the simplification of the decision process for players.

This is my second DVD by Coach Kelbick (I have his Match-up Zone) and both are easy to understand, well explained, demonstrated and executed. Looking forward to more from Coach in the future.

Joe Haefner
Jeff Haefner
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