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May 11th, 2016

Basketball Shooting & Ball Handling Workouts For Serious Players - Videos With 17 Drills

This is a high-level ball handling & shooting workout for serious players. It was developed by NBA skills trainer Don Kelbick. While there is plenty of dribbling and finishing, this workout puts an emphasis on...

Attack & Counter Workout App - 300+ Drills | 250 Workouts

30% Discount Ends Sunday, May 15th

The app helps you improve your shooting, ball handling, footwork, perimeter moves, endurance, 1 on 1 moves, post moves, and all around skills. The workouts and drills were developed by NBA Skills Coach Don Kelbick!

You can take the video workouts with you to the gym. It is accessible on all of your devices with internet access… smart phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers.

These workouts are designed for middle school, high school, and college players.
Attack & Counter Workout App - Reviews & Feedback

In today’s mailbag, we share a review from a skeptical customer… one subscriber who said that the workout app helped them “Progress leaps and bounds”... and another said that the workout app is “One of the best basketball development tools I've seen.”

Skeptical buyer of Workout App

I really like it. I was a bit hesitant to plunk down all the money at once for the subscription because I was had a monthly subscription for something similar, but I like your product a lot better. I have two daughters one who is 10 and the other who is 13 and a 7th grader. I coached both of them but have now "retired". I do, however, enjoy practicing with both of them at the local high school. However, I wanted drills that would impact their games. If we were going to spend the time out there I wanted to do it right and didn't feel I had the skill set. So here's the breakdown of what I like and what I think can be improved.

I love the skill levels. My younger is working on 1 and the elder on 2.

It takes us about two times at the park to finish one workout. As sometimes we break it up.

It's very thorough in my opinion working both sides and all the variety of moves (between legs, crossover, behind the back, etc.)

I don't have to work to hard to convince my daughter that this is what we should be spending time on since it's not from dad.

Easy to take phone out to court and watch the next drill.

Great that it shoots from two angles. The floor angle is very clear and easy to follow.

I like points of emphasis.

There are lots and lots of options.

I've seen improvement in her game. At 7th grade she is playing with a developmental team composed mostly of 9th and 10th graders. At first she got almost no playing time but has consistently been earning time as her skills have improved. She has attributed some of her growth to the site so it gives me more credibility when working with a middle schooler without having to have an extensive basketball background.

I would love to add-on something that would really help with defense. Maybe add on programs could be developed in their area for a reasonable price for current subscribers.

Overall, I'm very satisfied and excited to continue working out with the girls over the summer without the need for a fancy gym and too many private coaches.

- Jon W (5-Star Rating)

“Progressed leaps and bounds”

This workout app is great. I’m a former player and now I coach youth basketball and this app is perfect for skill development. My players have progressed leaps and bounds in a very short period of times thanks to the professional workouts that are provided in this app. I look forward to see what other products will be coming out in the future.

- David Hall from Birmingham, AL (5-Star Rating)

“One of the best basketball development tools I've seen”

The workout app has been great. My 11 year old son has been using it - some under my direction and some on his own. It is one of the best basketball development tools I've seen. It really helps him focus his practice time on the court more efficiently and he likes doing it a lot. He works really hard, but he enjoys it. I have gone through the Attack/Counter videos with him and have previously directed him with workouts based on the Attack/Counter videos and they are extremely good, but this allows him to do it when I don't have the time to organize and direct his workouts. As far as basketball skill development goes, this app and the Attack/Counter videos are the best thing outside a personal skills trainer (and frankly better than a lot of trainers). Don's philosophy on skill development is straight forward and exceptional.

- Coach Joe B (5-Star Rating)


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