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  • New 20 minute workout video on YouTube for your players to get in better shape FAST!

  • Step-by-step program to help your players get faster, stronger, and jump higher. (INCLUDED: At-home workouts with no equipment required.)

  • Note on summer camps - Open for registrations!

We hope everybody is staying healthy and you enjoy the resources below!

Get In Shape FAST! 20 Minute Conditioning Video on YouTube

You’ll be surprised how FAST your players can improve their conditioning and get into basketball SHAPE in a small space in their living room or basement.

If they’re stuck at home, they can still improve their basketball conditioning and get in great shape! They don’t need to run, use a bike or get in the gym -- they don’t need any equipment for this workout…

These exercises will improve their endurance, so your team can wear down the opposition… that way, they’re gassed out as your team flies down the court getting a few additional easy lay ups each game!

Division 1 trainer Cody Roberts will guide you through the exercises and this at-home conditioning workout. Check out the video below…

Please forward this to the players and parents on your team if you think it could be helpful.

Get In Shape FAST! 20 Minute Conditioning Workout

12-Week Athletic Development Program to Jump Higher, Run Faster, and Get Stronger (with NEW At-Home Workouts)

Just under two months ago, we added two new bonuses to the Athletic Development Program with Cody Roberts.

In addition to the multiple 12-week workouts for youth, high school, and college athletes...

You can now find two 3-to-6 week workouts for players stuck at home with no equipment.

  • At-Home Strength Workout (No equipment needed)
  • At-Home Vertical Jump Workout (No equipment needed)

You can gain immediate access and learn more here.

Summer Basketball Camps - Open for Registrations!

With our summer basketball camps, you can register now. If a camp is cancelled for any reason, you will have the option for a full refund or transfer to another camp!

There are 200+ camps to pick from across North America.

You can see the entire camp schedule or view camps by state here.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, just send us an email and we’ll get back to you...


All the Best!

- Joe and Jeff Haefner
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