Here is a new drill for you to check out. This improves your player’s ability to change directions and explode out of the move faster.

New Drill: Tennis Ball Drops - Dribble Moves Explosion Drill

We also got some great feedback from a recent article on my experience coaching a couple of Loyola Chicago players. One subscriber asked about simplifying drills, so I decided to create an article of out my response. Here it is if you’re interested:

New Article: Simplify Your Drills, Simplify Your Skills, or What?

Also, from all of the email replies and comments, the Loyola Chicago article must've really struck a chord. Like myself, I think many coaches and parents need stories to influence players to focus on the right skills rather than some "NBA move" from YouTube. I think that's why so many coaches and parents enjoyed the article. Here it is, if you haven’t read it.

The REAL Secrets To Loyola Chicago's Success! (Not What You Think)


Joe Haefner
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