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April 13th, 2016

2 Critical Tips For Better Ball Handling Consistency

As much as basketball seems to be about highlight plays--who dunked the hardest, who crossed who, who shot the game winning bucket -- it’s not. And never has been. Generally, basketball is a game that entirely revolves around...

Breakthrough Basketball Camp Schedule

Before getting into the camp feedback, we wanted to remind you that our early-bird discount ends on Friday, April 15th.

Also, 54 of the camps are either sold out or just a couple of spots away from being sold out.

So be sure to check out our camp schedule and sign up before the discount ends or the camp sells out..
Breakthrough Camps - Overwhelming Positive (and Negative) Feedback

So far on our spring camps, we have received 208 reviews.

We ask every person to rate the camp from a 0 to 10. 0 being the worst. 10 being the best.

Our average rating was a 9.02.

Out of the 208 reviews, 147 gave a 10 rating.

A former varsity coach is already sending his son to another camp next week. One parent is getting a gym membership for her son after attending the camp. And one upset parent even called our camps “The Biggest Joke for a Camp”.

Former Varsity Coach Impressed - Sending Son to another Breakthrough Camp Next Week

I liked the structure. The time spent on minor details may have seemed like a long time to some kids, but these are things that most players would likely not do on their own. By the time they finished with those detail sessions, they were pretty comfortable with those details. By the time the camp was finished, each player was very comfortable in the basics of a good shot. I think kids were engaged for the most part.

I like how Prileu held kids accountable when they were messing around. It helped to make sure that campers who were serious could still benefit from the camp without the distraction of kids messing around. He did a really good job of controlling that. We really enjoyed our time. I thought Prileu made a real effort to get around to each basket and try to touch each kid with a word of encouragement and something to work on.

We are headed to Manton, MI this weekend (for another camp). We are really looking forward to it.

Mike Donovan - Stryker, OH - 10 Rating

Now Getting Gym Membership So Son Can Practice What Don Taught Him

I liked the information that was given and the demonstrations. Mr. Kelbick made it easy to understand and had all the players’ attention which made them focus and was all hands on. I felt like I could play basketball!!!

Overall, the camp was excellent and my son talked about it the entire way home and he said he is glad he attended the camp so he can use his skills during summer workout and when the season starts back. I am going to get him a membership to our local rec department so he can utilize the gym when school is closed. Once again this camp was top notch and very very good. I truly enjoyed the weekend.

Tiffany - Atlanta, GA - 10 Rating

Corrected Daughter With One-On-One Instruction At Youth Skills Camp!

Loved the way Coach Q and the others took time to help on an individual basis as needed. The talks about its ok to make a mistake and the drills were awesome.

All of the instructors were very good but Madison loved this gentleman (Paris Davis in the picture to the right with Madison). He took the time to show her one on one what she was doing or not doing in a way that she understood.

Wendy German - Peoria, Illinois - 10 Rating

Daughter’s Confidence Has Doubled!

This is our second camp we've attended. Coach Q. doesn’t miss a beat. My daughter’s confidence level has doubled now that she knows in depth what each drill does for her. She loves it.

Instructor Quentin Mitchell with Taya Ferguson.

Jennifer Metz - Peoria, Illinois - 10 Rating

“Biggest Joke for A Camp” - Stoughton Shooting Camp

We drove in a blizzard to have my daughter to attend this camp. We should have stayed home. This camp was so disappointing; we left at the first break. My first issue was the instructor went over the proper form of shooting, but did nothing to reinforce the instruction. The coaches did nothing to reinforce the proper shooting form. After he broke them down into groups, which I thought would be a great time to work on the fundamentals, the students were performing drills. This was not half speed drills, it was full speed. Again, no one was correcting or reinforcing good shooting form. Running drills FULL speed, right after the he stated, “there would not be a lot of running”. Plus, when he would have them perform the drills, he would allow them about 30 to 60 seconds to perform the task. I watched my daughter on three occasions not even able to perform the drill because he was not allowing enough time, and she was in a small group. One of the biggest jokes of a camp I have seen.

I want to know who I can contact to get our money back because this was just a waste of time and resources. I look forward to your reply.

-- Rick - 0 Rating - location unknown

Joe Haefner’s Response:

Rick, I’m sorry to hear that.

Also, I’m quite skeptical as we had ten other reviews and they were all extremely positive. Six of them gave a rating of 10. Four of them gave a rating of 9.

What even makes it harder to believe is that Charlie Miller was the instructor. And Charlie gets some of the best reviews out of any of our instructors.

If what you state is true, we are glad that you told us. These are all things that we address with our instructors for our shooting camps. And we are very particular about it.

In our curriculum, we actually set it up, so it goes from simple to complex and the drills go from slow to fast. We build the shot one piece at a time.

While it’s impossible to fix a shot in one weekend. It literally takes years of shooting with proper fundamentals to develop the proper habits.

Some kids might need to take the first two progressions from the camp and practice those for the next month. Then add the other progressions later on.

With that being said, we also want to give you the tools that will help develop you past the camp.

Here are some of the reviews from the same Stoughton camp:

My daughter loved the camp! She really enjoyed the whole staff involved too. I asked her on the way home, what the number one thing is she remembered. "THAT I WAS SHOOTING WRONG". That's what you guys helped her over come! She really learned a lot about shooting and the right way to do it. Thanks to all of you! You will hear from us again!

Derrick - 10 Rating

The pureness and honesty of Charlie was most impressive. There is no glamourizing basketball. Most coaches tend to give young kids/adults a sense of false hope. Charlie spent a great deal of time emphasizing the importance of understanding the process of success. TIPS. The realness and reality of the fact that you're gonna make mistakes and to push through. Each person there seemed important. NICE JOB!

Erin - 9 Rating

“Breakthrough Basketball has, by far, taught her the most!” (Same Stoughton Shooting Camp with Charlie Miller)

Very fast paced, high standards and very organized! I love how setting goals and mindset was stressed. We have been to many camps and Breakthrough Basketball has, by far, taught her the most!

Thank you for considering us. Please feel free to use our comments and name since we were very honored to be part of your camp and feel like our daughter, Jenna, has many skills that she can now apply at home! Thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity to our kids!

Jenna Olin and others with Charlie Miller in the pic below.

Jamie Olin - 10 Rating - Stoughton, WI

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