Here is the third article in the education series on the Attack & Counter Skill Development System.

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Best Instructional DVD on the market!... And a Skill Development Roadmap for Overwhelmed Viewers!

Here are some more very happy viewers and one “overwhelmed” response for The Attack & Counter Player Development System.

Just a reminder, the $50 discount ends on Sunday, March 31st.


“Attack and Counter is by far the best instructional DVD on the market.”

Attack and Counter training DVD is a must own! Parents, coaches, and players of all ages will learn from this DVD! Attack and Counter is by far the best instructional DVD on the market. If you're a center, forward or guard you will learn great footwork, attacking the basket, how to control your defender and much much more.

- Johnny from Aurora, Colorado


Fantastic!! As you move thru the drills the kids start to realize how this works and get very interested!

- Ryan Eidle from Carbon County, Pennsylvania


Great video series! Has really helped me out with training my son (8 year old AAU B-ball player)...

Don provides great fundamental teachings on how to attack the basket and counter with effective secondary moves.

- John from Woodbridge, Virginia


Overwhelmed response…

The four DVDs are six hours of excellent content with a lot of supporting drills. My problem is that there is so much content that it becomes a big blob of trying to remember what is what.

I would have rather had the option of purchasing the DVDs separately along the lines of: * Footwork for post players * Drills for post players * Post player footwork for perimeter players * Drills for perimeter players

My preference is to be able to sit and watch a complete video in under an hour and try and incorporate small parts of what I think works into a practice.

- Steve from Altoona, Pennsylvania


My (Joe Haefner’s) response: Steve, I hear you. There is so much good content that it can be overwhelming. First, I believe you need to watch the video in entirety. That way, you can see how everything ties together.

After that, I would advise to perfect it chunk by chunk. For example, I would study the first part that only teaches the pivots and then incorporate it at the next practice.

Then I would teach the counters. Then I would teach perimeter skills. I would start with the basic progressions, then advance as the season goes on. When you digest it piece-by-piece, it’s much easier to teach and understand.

Here is an article that explains the roadmap of how I like to progress:
How To Incorporate The Attack & Counter Skill Development System - With 6 Attack & Counter Practice or Workout Plans

I would also note Don’s specific coaching cues and when he teaches them.

At first, I pretty much repeated everything Don said and put it in my own words.

We also have the e-book to help with the coaching cues, progressions, and drills.

Also, I try to emulate Don’s step by step process as much as possible. Every time, I’ve deviated and tried to be more creative, it never feels like it flows as well during the practice or workout. After teaching the Attack & Counter System for nearly a decade, I can tell you that there are specific reasons that Don progresses the way he does. It’s very well thought out.

In regards to breaking up the DVDs, that was our original plan. However, after doing some testing, we quickly discovered that was the worst thing we could do to you. Everything ties together and there would be concepts that didn’t make sense if you just watched the perimeter drills video.

As mentioned in a previous article, the way Don progresses and applies previously learned principles, simplifies and accelerates player development.


The $50 discount ends on Sunday, March 31st for The Attack & Counter Player Development System.




- Joe Haefner
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