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February 25th, 2016

4 Must-Have Finishing Moves

Unless you’re 6’6 with a 40 inch vertical, you will need to develop a few crafty finishing moves. As you progress through high school and college, players get much taller, longer, and more athletic. This makes it more difficult to finish around the basket. Here are four must-have finishing moves taught by Jim Huber.

23 Youth Skills Camps - Developing The Complete Player

6 Youth Skills Camps Already Sold Out

This is a youth and middle school camp that focuses on developing the complete player.

You will develop shooting, ball handling, passing, footwork, defense, rebounding, athleticism, character development, and other essential skills to become a great basketball player.

You also get to take the skills you practiced and apply them in a controlled game setting. It is both fun and intense.

It is for boys and girls in 4th to 9th grade for the spring camps. Skill levels will be separated.

For the summer camps, it’s for athletes entering 4th to 9th grade in the fall of 2016.

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