The progression of these shooting drills will speed up the development of your shot and also correlate to better shooting during games. In fact, you can use these drills as a template for improving other skills as well. In the...

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Question & Answer: Off the Dribble Workouts

“Can you please recommend a few of the Dribble workouts or DVDs?”

Jeff Haefner’s Response:

Here's a good all around workout:
Basketball Shooting & Ball Handling Workouts For Serious Players - Videos With 17 Drills

Here are some more specific dribbling workouts:
A Ball Handling Workout For Beginners
Inside Out Ball Handling Workout With 13 Drills
Advanced Ball Handling Workout With Double & Triple Moves

If you want a systemic program to improve your ball handling, you can also look at this: Breakthrough Ball Handling & Footwork Workouts

Even though the drills don’t include shooting, you can certainly modify it. If you are in the gym, you finish every repetition with a jump shot or finishing move at the basket. But the intention of that workout is something you do every day at home (in your basement, garage, etc... no excuses).

Beyond that, most of the workouts I recommend are all around workouts that incorporate shooting, finishing, ball handling, or footwork. If you'd like an all around workout, the Attack and Counter Workouts can help with that as well.


Please let us know if you need anything else!


Joe Haefner 
Breakthrough Basketball

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