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January 15th, 2016

How Isaac Newton Helps You Make More Lay Ups And Draw More Fouls

Did you know that Isaac Newton and his laws of motion can make you a better basketball player? In the video clip below, Don Kelbick explains how this thing called inertia and the laws of motion can help you...

Breakthrough Spring and Summer Camp Schedule - 120+ Camps, 90+ Locations

For 2016, we're offering several different types of basketball camps in 90+ different locations across the United States and Canada! You'll find a variety of different camps for all age levels, skill levels, and positions that will help players improve shooting, ball handling, decision making, aggressiveness, footwork, leadership, and more.
  • Attack & Counter
  • Ball Handling, Shooting, and Decision Training Camps
  • Elite Guard Camps
  • Elite Guard “Next Level” Camps
  • Youth Skills Camps
  • Post Play Camps
  • Shooting Camps
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