We have two new videos and a podcast for you. They will help you with scoring, defense, and shooting. Take a look below.

This Sneaky Perimeter Cut Will Increase Post Scoring
In this video clip, you will learn a sneaky little perimeter cut that will increase your scoring from the post area.

Master Your Close Outs and On Ball Defense With This Drill - 1 on 1 Wing Close Outs
Proper execution of defensive close outs is extremely important to a great defense. If you don't properly close out, you give up more open shots and dribble drives. Also, it's impossible to have a great defense, if you are at a constant disadvantage playing 5v4, 4v3, 3v2, etc. Well, here is a game-like drill that forces your players to...

New Podcast: The Art of Shooting with NBA Shooting Instructor Dave Love
In this Jim Huber Podcast, you will learn the art of shooting with NBA shooting instructor Dave Love. While with the Phoenix Suns, Coach Love was able to increase players shooting percentages. These successes led him the opportunity to work with Grant Hill and DeShawn Stevenson, as well being hired by Oklahoma City Thunder as a shooting...


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