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Author:  robert.s64 [ 20 Oct 2014, 21:47 ]
Post subject:  Tryout Tips

Thank you a lot for the E-books. I'm a 14 yr old freshman in high school play point guard, about 5'5 135 lbs, is there any last minute tryout tips you could give me with about a week and a half till tryouts? Should i rest? Should i work harder? What should i do to impress my coach. I can make a little above average on 3's and can dribble pretty great, but we tryout with the older guys so its intimidating, challenging, and hard. What should i do and not do? should i dribble more and shoot less? If you were a coach what would you look for? Please any reply to this WILL be helpful and honestly, i don't know what i should do at tryouts, i know to PLAY, but its easier said then done. Thank you again and please reply.
- Robert

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 21 Oct 2014, 06:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Here are a few good links I suggest you check out to help with tryouts:

Author:  Coach Sar [ 21 Oct 2014, 07:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips


Thanks for putting my thread with Ben in there.... saved me a lot of typing LOL Those are all good links.

Robert - IF you look at that last link you will see my "conversation" with a boy that was in your spot right now, Take some time and read what we had to to say to each other. We went back and forth for a long time.... I think there is a lot of good informtation there.

Good luck, relax, play hard, play smart and have FUN.

Author:  robert.s64 [ 21 Oct 2014, 16:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

thank you a lot. I''l be sure to read them. Once agaian thanks

Author:  robert.s64 [ 21 Oct 2014, 17:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Can I ask a question? Okay, so ive already told you about how i play and all, but one thing makes me stand out more than everything.... MY SHOT..... I dont know whether its good or not because my shot is different. I bring it up from my pocket, but instead of keeping it like directly infront of me i bring it about eye level, a little to the right, back a tinny bit thin my release, my release arm (right handed by the way) is usualy straight and i make most 3's at about a 65-70% rate, do coaches care if i shoot like this and will it affect my possible tryouts cut?

my dad was a basketball supertar, had chicago bulls summer camp invites in 11 grade, after 8th grade he played last 6 games for varsity team bc he was 6'1 pg. He went to vietnam, got shot, and adopted a few kids including me from romania, so he is 67 and has great form for a old guy, plays old fasion and is just amzing, but he can't play anymore from sergurey and stuff, so ive worked on my own for yrs and this is my shot. I hope you reply asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tryouts nxt wednesday, thursday, and friday

Author:  Coach Rob [ 21 Oct 2014, 17:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Some great stuff in those links up there ^. I like the Coach Sar's thread, tons of good advice. I'll throw in my quick 2 cents (which is already mentioned in all the other advice above).

It's easy to hang out in the middle of the pack during a tryout and let the other kids go first type thing. Don't do it. Be the first in line, be in the front of the lines during drills and volunteer when they ask for 3 players on the floor. Be where the ball is as much as possible. You want to get noticed.

Defense. Big deal. Now is the time to play like you've never played on defense. Coaches definitely look to see who can make it happen on offense, but if your guy blows by on defense, that's no bueno.

Everyone is nervous at first during the tryouts. Everyone is going to miss shots and make mistakes. Move on when something doesn't go right, don't dwell on it.

If you have access to a gym and a shooting partner (dad/mom/brother), I'd shoot a ton of shots two days before tryouts. You can even do this the day before tryouts. Basically a round-the-world type thing from five different spots moving further out each time you make it around. You're looking at about 15 shots from each spot with a make on last shot to move on. Could be as high as 300 shots when it's all said and done. Your shooting partner is just shagging balls and firing them back. Use two balls to keep it moving. I've found this drill to be highly effective before tryouts or big games to build shooting confidence.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Author:  Coach Rob [ 21 Oct 2014, 17:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

I'll jump in on the shot form, now is not the time to change it. You need to shoot like you normally shoot during tryouts. The coach is not going to cut you because you're going to grab your old man and shoot 300-400 shots right before tryouts. Once you get to tryouts, you'll be so used to making 90% it will be like second nature.

Btw, your old man sounds like a great guy!

Author:  Coach Sar [ 21 Oct 2014, 17:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Its hard to tell since we cant see your shot. Most coaches will be looking at the results. When youo plav against other guys.... do you have any problems getting your shot off?

Your elbow should be around your ear/e area...... but with that being said .... IF you are having success with your shot, I wouldn't over thnk your shot. Ask your dad what he htinks about your form since he can see it.

I had several kids that had terrible form...but they could really shoot..... never tried to change it.

Author:  robert.s64 [ 21 Oct 2014, 18:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Thanks a LOT. I have almost no problem geting my shot off because playing pg and shooting guard means i Have to dribble good, and i'd omit im a pretty good dribbler. Ive talked to my dad about my shot. He says its different but like yall said he can NORMALLY argue with the result. I love to do either a crossover or dribble then just step back and shhot or pop it in my face, and because of my shot, i normally don't get packed unless they are tall or im in the lane.

Author:  robert.s64 [ 21 Oct 2014, 18:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

I play a hr during lunch at shoot in the gym, usually 3 point or games. But last week bc of rain i couldnt play at home on wednesday or thursday, but friday at school i promise i hit 90-95% from down town and it felt great now im back to playing at home and at school and back to before. And during them 2 or 3 days i worked out a lot pushups, situps, riding a exercise bike and just carying a ball around. Do you think i should just not play like a day or 2 before tryouts and maybe i will be great at 3's again?

I try to shoot atleast 150 shots a day bc of school, weekends about 250+. I do lot of push ups, sit uos, biking inside, and 20 lbs weights and every wednesday i go to the weight room and give it all i got. Is that a good routine?

I'll be sure to inform yall about tryouts and thinks for all of the help, really. On my next comment either tonight or tomorrow i will break down where i stand right now and ask what yall think, (talking about tryouts) our situation as a school this yr doubles my chance of making the team, but ill tell yall about all of that soon
once again THANKYOU

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