Controlling the dribble
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Author:  pranalivickylovebirds [ 26 Sep 2020, 14:39 ]
Post subject:  Controlling the dribble

I'm looking for some tips and drills to help a few players control their dribble better. They are very athletic boys, 8,9,10 years old. The problem is when they get going they tend to dribble the ball way above their heads and lose control of it. They are very receptive to coaching, but sometimes they get caught up in the moment of the game and get out of control. We've lost many an open layup to these occurrences.

We start each practice with balllhandling drills, so I'm going to be stressing the low dribble to them even more tonight. It's frustrating because the talent is there, but they just need to get used to the game more. One of them is in his first year playing. Freak of an athlete, but plays way too fast many times.

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 27 Sep 2020, 16:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Controlling the dribble

I think it's important to use a combination of block drills, interleaving drills, and game based dribbling drills. So you might start practicing with some of the typrical drills you see jsut getting touches (no defenders). Then incorporate drills where you're practicing multuple skills at same time (ex: dribbling, pivoting and layups). Then incorporate game based dribbling drills like this for example:

You can find lots of good drills and guidance here:

Also, when sprinting down the court and dribbling at the same time, it can help to push the ball out as shown here:

They will get better in time... what you're seeing is completely normal. Keep getting them touches and experience handling the ball against defenders and in game-like situations.

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