Guard Development, pressure issues
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Author:  Willowbranch783 [ 15 Aug 2019, 05:45 ]
Post subject:  Guard Development, pressure issues

I coach MS basketball and we had been running a 3 out/2 in offense because we have 6'ft twins on the team. I lost bought of my guards to school transfers. I have a player with a lot of potential to play but I am struggling to get her ready. We worked all summer with her dribbling with her head up. She is scared as soon as she gets the ball. She has a lot of quickness but it's rushed and out of control.

The first thing I need her to do is get into triple threat. We run set plays unless something opens up and I know that is all basketball IQ, what should I be working on. All the drills I try, she does ok but then in play she is back to completely taking herself out of the offense. I can move to a 4 out/1 in or bring one of the twins out but my advantage at the MS level is having two tall players at the basket working inside.

Any advice will be appreciated. She's a good kid who wants it so badly - I want to help her get there.

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 15 Aug 2019, 10:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Guard Development, pressure issues

If she's strong with the ball doing drilling drills with no defenders.... then a combination of small sided games and scrimmaging usually helps. For small sided games, try to recreate situations she'll see a lot in games with the ball in her hands. Then spend some time scrimmaging. In time she should get more comfortable and make better decisions. But does take time especially if she's not used to being a primary ball handler.

You can get really good ideas for small sided games here:

Author:  Willowbranch783 [ 16 Aug 2019, 09:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Guard Development, pressure issues

I watched the video on your YouTube page about triple threat and I agree with the thought. She takes herself completely out of the offense. She’s faced the wrong way to pass or gets whatever her next step in the play so stamped in her mind., she’s not seeing what is in front of her.

I’ll look at the links! Thanks.

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