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Newsletter No. 39
Breaking Pressure
In this article, Don Kelbick gives you a unique and effective way to beat full court pressure.

New Play - Louisville Game Winner
When you need a wide open lay up, here's a good set play for end of games.

New Drill - Pivot & Protect
This combo drill teaches players to be aggressive protectors of the ball and find open teammates. It also improves ballhandling, jump stops, and pivoting.

Inspiring Story and Lesson About Developing a Smothering Youth Defense
This is an email from one of our subscribers. I urge you to read it and learn from it. It will help you stay on track, improve your defense, and eventually win more games!!

Tips for Assistant Coaches
Here's a forum thread that has some good tips for the assistant coaches out there.

6 Simple Ideas to Reduce Your Teams Turnovers


Two Things All Offenses Should Do - Does Your Team Do This in Every Game?

Beating a 1-3-1 Trap

7-8 Year Old Boys Team - Focus


Coaching My Child

Small Team

young players and pressing

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6 Simple Ideas to Reduce Your Teams Turnovers

If you're serious about reducing turnovers, you'll want to track these stats for more than just games -- you'll want to track them for scrimmages and practices too.