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But first, we wanted to give you some important information about our 2018 spring and summer basketball camps...

We’ve already received hundreds of emails asking questions about our 2018 camps.

Some people want to sign up now because 102 camps sold out last year, so many missed an opportunity to attend.

In fact, we had a camp sell out by January 17th… this was in just 7 days!

We’re almost done finalizing the camp schedule. This should be finished by the end of December. And we will notify you once it’s completed. That way, you can start planning.

We will start accepting payments on January 10th. Mark your calendars!

You will also notice a few things that are completely new. We’re really excited about this and we’ll share more information as the date approaches.


In this article, there are five 1v1 drills that you can use in your practices to develop better shooters, ball handlers, finishers… and even passing?!

I know that sounds weird, but check out the article and let me know if you agree with the concept or not.

Article #1 - 1v1 Drills Create Better Passing!? (With 5 Drills)

Quite frankly, if you’re a coach, this should be the foundation of everything you do… developing the character skills that help your athletes succeed in life.

Jeff provides some ideas that you can teach to your team on his coaching blog.

Article #2 - How to Make a Positive Impact On Your Players – 7 Aspects of Teamwork and Character We Will Focus On

For our X’s & O’s guys, here’s a video and diagrams that show how Villanova used some high ball screens during their 2016 National Championship season. Check it out.

Article # 3 - New Play - Villanova Flat: High Ball Screen And Roll

- Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
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